Here at Intercultural Productions creativity runs deep, passion thrives, and people matter.

Intercultural Productions is a creative and socially motivated video production and multi-media company. We specialize in the creation of video and media campaigns for organizations and individuals working with diverse communities.

The world is now more connected than ever and we believe that success is defined by an ability to build strong intercultural relationships.  Individuals and organizations that effectively communicate cross-culturally, will gain a distinct edge in a world with an increasing multicultural workforce. We believe that effective intercultural communication will not only help our clients to succeed, but will help them to understand each other, resolve conflicts and work together rather than in isolation to solve issues. Working with small community groups and global corporations, we take all cultural and local differences into account and try to produce content in an understandable language; one that is communicable to all audiences.

We use video as a tool to break down barriers and communicate across cultures, or differences of any kind. Through video and media, we aim to acknowledge, understand, accept, value and celebrate the differences among all people. Video is a critical component in spreading awareness about the work you do, and we are here to help in that effort. We invite you to browse our website to learn more about how we can be a part of your organization’s communications team.


Soda Free Summer Challenge – PSA Boston Public Health Commission

Drinking soda can slow you down by causing weight gain and health problems, like diabetes and heart disease. Join Boston's soda-free summer challenge and re-energize your life! Go to or call 617-534-5690 to take the pledge and enter a weekly raffle.

Hyde Square Task Force

Founded in the 1980's by a diverse group of neighbors, the Hyde Square Task Force began as an effort to reverse the trend of youth violence in the Hyde/Jackson Square. This neighborhood, which straddles the border between Jamaica Plain and Roxbury, was once known as the "cocaine capital of Boston"; drug-dealing occurred openly on the streets and gang violence was rampant. To call attention to these problems, neighbors organized public meetings, peace marches, street cleanups, and crime watch groups.