Juliette C. Mayers, Executive, Author & Speaker – Produced by Intercultural Productions

 Promotional videos are a new way to think about networking, share your ideas and highlight expertise. A few months back, a well known author and inspirational speaker, approached us to help her with a promotional video that would showcase who she is and how she has achieved success in her field. The video serves an introduction to her life and her professional philosophy, and promotes her career as an executive and inspirational speaker as well as an author of A Black Woman’s Guide to Networking. Check it out! Directed by Lauren Willis, Cinematography and Editing by Alex H Gomez. Sound by Carlos Mario Rojas. Produced by Intercultural Productions.

Intercultural Productions in collaboration with Human Rights Campaign

Family interviewed about their reality of being lesbians in a Christian and Latino community. Los Ángeles, California. Photo by Alex H Gómez for Intercultural Productions

Intercultural Productions is currently producing a documentary-style video in collaboration with the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), the largest civil rights organization working to achieve equality for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Americans.
Within the Faith & Religion Division of the HRC, there has been a collaborative effort to create a guidebook called “A La Familia”. This guide is a facilitated bilingual dialogue about faith, family, sexual orientation, and gender identity. This guide is a map for families of Latino LGBT individuals who struggle with the roles of religion and families. The guide also serves as a training tool to help people begin these important conversations.
The video that Intercultural Productions is creating will serve to complement the guide. Our crew have been traveling across the U.S. (Atlanta, LA, Seattle, Boston, D.C, Orlando, Puerto Rico) to meet with various people who have faced challenges in their coming out process as a result of the different beliefs within their Latino families and/or religious communities The video will explore how the topics of family, the bible, sexual orientation, and gender identity intertwine and create a complex dynamic.

Guardian Healthcare and America’s Food Basket Communication Strategies

In an increasingly interconnected world, characterized by people with different linguistic and cultural backgrounds, our communications strategies must also be modified. For this very reason two companies in the Boston area, Guardian Healthcare and America’s Food Basket, have reached out to Intercultural Productions for help in creating inclusive and intercultural communications campaigns. Our goal is to help organizations and individuals to effectively communicate cross-culturally and to produce content that is communicable to all audiences.

The Caravan for Peace: Bonded by Tragedy and Hope

Yesterday was International Day of Peace. In Mexico, a country marked by increasing violence, there have been demonstrations braving the fact that this country is in “todo menos un estado de paz,” or “in anything but a state of peace”.

This summer, Javier Sicilia and Mexico’s Movement for Peace with Justice and Dignity led their Caravan for Peace across the US, traveling from Mexico to Washington D.C. on a 27-city tour to tell the stories of their loved ones and call for a end to the violence. The idea for the Caravan for Peace was born in Mexico where organized citizens decided to protest against the violence generated by drug trafficking and the misguided policies of what is called the “War on Drugs”.  Like many members of the Caravan and thousands of families across Mexico, renowned poet Javier Sicilia, lost his son in this senseless war. He is now dedicated to leading this cause for justice and dignity so that others can clearly see the human cost of these policies.

Javier Sicilia speaking outside HSBC bank in NYC

The movement has come to the United States to address US involvement with the Mexican drug war, particularly with the drug user market and provisions of weapons. Placing individual understanding at the center of their approach, the Caravan for Peace hopes to find a solution, and improve the policies, collectively creating ideas for “alternatives to prohibition based on evidence.” As the Caravan marched, rallied, and received widespread support in major US cities, they have spread this message throughout the international community. Sicilia and the movement believe that raising awareness must start where the drug war ideology was born, and that change must come from the epicenter; so they went north to find it.

The Caravan, supported by over 200 US organizations, is made up by a community bonded together by tragedy and a hope for a more just future. Together, they have traveled from state to state in close quarters- their caravan. There is no doubt that this dynamic group has stirred a new consciousness on the war on drugs.

Intercultural Productions had the honor of joining the Caravan in New York City where over 100 Mexican and American activists stood by poet Sicilia while he gave a speech at a press conference at City Hall, explaining how the war has in fact worsened the robberies, killings, human trafficking and kidnappings while “corporate bureaucrats have been the only ones [benefiting from the policies].” As the Caravan proceeded to Baltimore and then Washington D.C., Intercultural Productions, working in collaboration with The National Alliance of Latin American and Caribbean Communities (NALACC), continued to document the plight of the parents of missing children, the members of migrant communities here in the US who were fighting for their rights, and the activists who recognize the importance of developing policies that transcend borders and ensure security.

It is important to remember that our societies are interconnected. In a globalized world where our individual and/or government actions have effects not only immediately around us, but also thousands of miles away in distant communities, we must advocate for global policy developments that are in-line with the times and do not endanger human integrity.

-By Monica Wise

Meso-American New York Documentary Project

Meso-American New York is a short, fast-paced four-part series of 5-minute webisodes on indigenous Mexican languages in New York and the people who speak them.

The videos will be shot mostly in cinema verite style, with interviews shot in the homes and workplaces of our protagonists. The series is a collaborative project produced by the Endangered Language Alliance, a non-profit organization, and Intercultural Productions.

Racial Healing And Reconciliation Documentary Project

As an approach to improving community health, the Southern Jamaica Plain Health Center brought together 16 youth, half of whom identify as white and half of whom identify as people of color, to participate in a year-long racial healing and reconciliation process. Through readings, racial affinity groups, workshops, healing circles and speak outs, the youth are challenged to move beyond purely intellectual conversations about race and racism and are supported by each other and a team of community organizers and social workers, to experience the feelings that come up when we talk about racism and understand the ways it shapes our existence. The youth invited a camera to follow some of their activities, community teachings, and an emotional speak out activity. We want to share with you this video documenting part of their process and their call to action.
Please take 15mins to watch this video and allow yourself to have, and even express, the feelings that come up. That is their charge to us. Racial healing is the work required for and by each of us so we can live into our full humanity.
“Racial equity is about the system, racial healing is about the individual. This is what America Healing is about.” – Rinku Sen, Applied Research Center.
Southern Jamaica Plain Health Center, Boston Public Health Commission, produced by Intercultural Productions.


Still from the Racial Healing and Reconciliation Documentary Project

As an approach to improving Community Health, Southern Jamaica Plain Health Center is working with a group of 12 youth – 6 white plus 6 youth of color- in a racial healing and reconciliation process. Throughout readings, affinity groups, workshops, speak outs and community teaching, youth are challenged and supported to move beyond purely intellectual conversations about racism and transform into racial justice activist. Boston Public Health Commission, Southern Jamaica Plain Health Center in collaboration with Intercultural Productions.

Whittier Street Health Center’s Institutional Video

Intercultural Productions’ most recent project for Whittier Street Health Center in Roxbury, MA was very well received at their annual fundraising event, attended by over 400 people. This video showcases their achievements in health equity and their significance within the Boston community. Thank you Fernando Castro Sanguino, Monica Cohen, Lauren Willis, Rosi Amador, for being part of this production. Enjoy.

Place Matters, Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies.

PLACE MATTERS is a major initiative of the Joint Center to build the capacity of community leaders to address social, economic and environmental conditions in communities that shape health and health outcomes. PLACE MATTERS is designed to improve the health outcomes of participating communities through shared learning experiences. The program assists participating teams in developing and implementing community-based strategies to address the social factors that determine health. The PLACE MATTERS initiative aims to address health equity by cultivating new leadership and advancing the Fair Health Movement one community at a time.

South Africa Partners 10th Anniversary Celebration

Intercultural Productions produced the video for South Africa Partners that summarized their 10 years of hard work, presented to around 300 people, including the mayor of Boston, this past Saturday, February 7th.  We feel honored to have been a part of this celebration!

Interview with Tom Haslett, Board Member, South Africa Partner

Tom Haslett, Board Member, South Africa Partners