Alex Gómez

Producer and Founder

Alex Gómez, a native Colombian, has been working in the film and journalism fields for over fourteen years. He is the owner of Intercultural Productions and enjoys working in his field of passion.

Alex is an award-winning documentary director whose work has been shown internationally. While in Colombia, he worked as a full time producer and documentary director at various television stations. Although his work covered diverse areas concerning the lives of Colombians, much of his work centered on indigenous and Afro-Colombian communities in order to raise awareness about their lives, perspectives, and hopes for the future. In the past eight years while living in the United States, Alex gained experience in the education field as a Spanish teacher in high schools and adult education centers, most recently at Brandeis University, Massachusetts. He has also given numerous lectures at local universities on topics related to video and documentaries. In 2005, Alex created Mystic Mirada Productions, now Intercultural Productions, to focus again on his passion and primary field of video and film, with an overall purpose and goal of breaking down barriers between communities worldwide while building awareness and appreciation for diverse cultures and social issues.

Alex holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism from Universidad del Valle in Colombia and a Master’s Degree in Communication and Education from the Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona in Spain.  He has traveled extensively throughout Latin America and Europe for both work and pleasure.