Claudia Ordoñez

Intercultural Relations Consultant

Claudia Ordóñez is a freelance Intercultural Relations Consultant for selected projects at Intercultural Productions.

Claudia brings to Intercultural Productions a wide variety of personal and professional multicultural experiences.  She was born and raised in Colombia and moved to the US after finishing her anthropological training in Bogota.  She has lived and worked in the Northeast, Southwest and Southeast regions. She has also lived in France and South Africa for short periods of time.  She married an Italian-American and has two young children.

Claudia has a degree in Anthropology from the National University of Colombia in Bogota and a Masters in Intercultural Relations from Lesley University in Cambridge, Mass.  Her academic background in anthropology ranges from archaeology and ethno-archaeology to socio-cultural and medical anthropology.  She has worked in the areas of health and human rights, public health, international development, organizational development, qualitative research and intercultural relations.  Claudia has also been involved in several volunteering groups and organizations working with Latinos in the US and is an active member of the Parent-Teacher Association at her children’s public school.

Her current academic work includes anthropological and biomedical research on the HIV epidemic in South Africa.  She is particularly interested in the intersection of Traditional African medicine and Western medicine, social capital and human agency in the context of the HIV epidemic, the collaboration between social and biomedical sciences and in social justice.