Juliette C. Mayers, Ejecutiva, Autora & Conferencista – Producido por Intercultural Productions

 Promotional videos are a new way to think about networking, share your ideas and highlight expertise. A few months back, a well known author and inspirational speaker, approached us to help her with a promotional video that would showcase who she is and how she has achieved success in her field. The video serves an introduction to her life and her professional philosophy, and promotes her career as an executive and inspirational speaker as well as an author of A Black Woman’s Guide to Networking. Check it out! Directed by Lauren Willis, Cinematography and Editing by Alex H Gomez. Sound by Carlos Mario Rojas. Produced by Intercultural Productions.

Guardian Healthcare y America’s Food Basket Estrategias de Comunicación

In an increasingly interconnected world, characterized by people with different linguistic and cultural backgrounds, our communications strategies must also be modified. For this very reason two companies in the Boston area, Guardian Healthcare and America’s Food Basket, have reached out to Intercultural Productions for help in creating inclusive and intercultural communications campaigns. Our goal is to help organizations and individuals to effectively communicate cross-culturally and to produce content that is communicable to all audiences.

Meso-American New York Proyecto Documental

Meso-American New York is a short, fast-paced four-part series of 5-minute webisodes on indigenous Mexican languages in New York and the people who speak them.

The videos will be shot mostly in cinema verite style, with interviews shot in the homes and workplaces of our protagonists. The series is a collaborative project produced by the Endangered Language Alliance, a non-profit organization, and Intercultural Productions, a production company with deep roots in the Latino community.

Racial Healing And Reconciliation Proyecto Documental

As an approach to improving community health, the Southern Jamaica Plain Health Center brought together 16 youth, half of whom identify as white and half of whom identify as people of color, to participate in a year-long racial healing and reconciliation process. Through readings, racial affinity groups, workshops, healing circles and speak outs, the youth are challenged to move beyond purely intellectual conversations about race and racism and are supported by each other and a team of community organizers and social workers, to experience the feelings that come up when we talk about racism and understand the ways it shapes our existence. The youth invited a camera to follow some of their activities, community teachings, and an emotional speak out activity. We want to share with you this video documenting part of their process and their call to action.

Please take 15mins to watch this video and allow yourself to have, and even express, the feelings that come up. That is their charge to us. Racial healing is the work required for and by each of us so we can live into our full humanity.
“Racial equity is about the system, racial healing is about the individual. This is what America Healing is about.” – Rinku Sen, Applied Research Center.
Southern Jamaica Plain Health Center, Boston Public Health Commission, produced by Intercultural Productions.

Reconciliación y Cura del Racismo Proyecto Documental

Racial Healing and Reconciliation Documentary Project

As an approach to improving Community Health, Southern Jamaica Plain Health Center is working with a group of 12 youth – 6 white plus 6 youth of color- in a racial healing and reconciliation process. Throughout readings, affinity groups, workshops, speak outs and community teaching, youth are challenged and supported to move beyond purely intellectual conversations about racism and transform into racial justice activist. Boston Public Health Commission, Southern Jamaica Plain Health Center in collaboration with Intercultural Productions.

Place Matters, Centro Conjunto de Estudios Políticos y Económicos.

Lugar es importante es una importante iniciativa del Centro Conjunto para construir la capacidad de los líderes de la comunidad para hacer frente a las condiciones sociales, económicas y ambientales en las comunidades que los resultados de salud forma y salud. CUESTIONES lugar está diseñado para mejorar los resultados de salud de las comunidades participantes a través de experiencias de aprendizaje compartidos. El programa ayuda a los equipos participantes en el desarrollo e implementación de estrategias comunitarias para abordar los factores sociales que determinan la salud. La iniciativa LUGAR ASUNTOS tiene como objetivo abordar la equidad en salud mediante el cultivo de un nuevo liderazgo y el avance del movimiento Feria de la Salud una comunidad a la vez.

South Africa Partners 10th Anniversary Celebration

Intercultural Productions produced the video for South Africa Partners that summarized their 10 years of hard work, presented to around 300 people, including the mayor of Boston, this past Saturday, February 7th.  We feel honored to have been a part of this celebration!

Interview with Tom Haslett, Board Member, South Africa Partner

Tom Haslett, Board Member, South Africa Partners