Upcoming Projects

In addition to serving the needs of our clients, we also create projects of our own from time to time. Check out the projects we are working on now!

Meso-American New York

Meso-American New York is a short, fast-paced four-part series of 5-minute webisodes on indigenous Mexican languages in New York and the people who speak them. The videos will be shot mostly in cinema verite style, with interviews shot in the homes and workplaces of our protagonists. The series is a collaborative project produced by the Endangered Language Alliance, a non-profit organization, and Intercultural Productions, a production company with deep roots in the Latino community.

The Endangered Language Alliance is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to documenting, describing and revitalizing endangered languages. There are between six to seven thousand languages spoken in the world today, half of which are endangered and which may no longer be spoken by the end of this century. Although global in scope, the Alliance focuses in particular on the languages of immigrant communities in the New York area, as New York has become a linguistic Noah’s Ark, sustaining hundreds of endangered languages some of which are now barely spoken even in their places of origin. Together, the Endangered Language Alliance and Intercultural Productions constitute a perfect team to tackle a fascinating story that has largely escaped attention. The Alliance has been working with local indigenous Mexicans for several years and has already secured the cooperation of all the participants to complete the proposed project.

Saja – A Feature Film Picture 50 Saja is the name of a young woman who was an idealist and who struggled to live in a society that didn’t allow her to be who she was, to live the life she saw possible. This film explores life through Saja’s eyes as she journeys through the Pacific Coast of Colombia, and the challenges she faced while living on her own terms. We are in the beginning phase of this project, although the idea has been alive for several years. We are looking for financial support and welcome any donations!